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Retro Tunning Expo

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Retro Tunning Expo CARS

Discover the craziest and most expensive tuners of history through an exhibition that has never been seen before in Czechoslovakia. GEMBALLA, BRABUS, STROSEK, KOENIG SPECIALS, ALPINA, RIEGER, AMG, K.H.L. Langenberg, VEILSIDE DESIGN and many other iconic retro-tuning era customizers from the 80-90’s will immerse you into the world of celebrities, the richest athletes on the world, NARCOS and billionaires, for whom uniqueness was paramount and money played no role… It is no coincidence that the RETRO TUNERS of the 80-90’s got the nickname COCAINS TUNERS, as because of the extremely high value of these modifications, NARCOS from Miami and South America were the main customers of the German modifiers of the 80-90’s.


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